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Cypress Hemp

Full Spectrum CBG+OMEGAS Oil-900mg


Formulated to maximize the benefits of hemp in its most natural and raw form, our Full Spectrum CBG+OMEGAS™ Drops provide a robust cannabinoid profile that is dominated by CBG, rather than CBD. CBG...

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Cypress Hemp

Energize Gummies CBD & CBG 900mg


Keep cool, calm, and focused to tackle what's ahead of you with Cypress Hemp CBD:CBG Energize Gummies. These delicious mango nectar gummies are charged up with caffeine from green tea, cordyceps mu...


Canvast - Lifters Lollipops


3 lollipops per box. Lift up your day with this blend of CBG, CBD and Chaga Mushrooms. These Lifters Lollipop is a fun way to boost your cannabinoid intake with added Limonene terpenes. CBG (Cannab...